This wiki is the online home of the UC Davis interdisciplinary network science group. We meet monthly to discuss the latest findings in all branches of network science, demo tools and approaches to network analysis, and give talks and workshops on our research. To get involved, check out the links below, and join our mailing list.

Next meeting

On May 23, 3:30-5:00 p.m. in the DSI classroom (Shields Library) we will have our last Network Science Meeting before going on a summer break. We are planning to have 10 minute short talks to showcase the diverse network related research going on at UCD. We encourage all students and postdocs to present their work, especially if you feel that your field has been underrepresented at our meetings. To join the roster, please contact posfai@ucdavis.edu.

As this will be the last event of the season, pizza will be provided at the meeting, please RSVP to help us order enough food for everyone. And after the talks, everyone is invited to join us for an end-of-year celebration at Delta!


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