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Next meeting

The next campus-wide network science meeting will be on May 10th 3:10-4:30 in the DSI space in Shields Library. We will have two presenters from the Department of Communication, followed by a short overview on what to expect at the Re-computing Workshop (http://iss.ucdavis.edu/recomputing) on May 19th.

Cuihua (Cindy) Shen and Teresa Gil Lopez -- One Size Fits All: Context Collapse, Self-Presentation Strategies and Language Styles on Facebook

This study empirically examines context collapse on Facebook. Context collapse occurs when disparate audiences are conjoined into one audience. Using longitudinal behavioral data of 6,378 users, the study tests how the size and disconnection of people’s social networks are associated with the number of status updates they post and their language variability. Both size and disconnectedness were positively associated with the number of status updates, but negatively associated with language variability. The results suggest that people manage their online self-presentation according to accounts found in the ‘lowest common denominator’ or ‘imagined audience.’ Finally, network size was positively associated with the proportion of positive emotional language and negatively associated with that of negative emotional language, whereas disconnectedness had the opposite effect.

This will be our last regular meeting before we go on a summer break. However, Noshir Contractor (http://nosh.northwestern.edu/) will be giving the annual Communication Morman Lecture at 2:10-3:40 pm, at the Andrews Conference Room of the Social Sciences Building, and afterwards we will be hosting a Q&A session with him at the same location. The regular meetings will continue in September.


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